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Saehae Bok Mahnee Bahdeuseyo!!!

Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome to the Year of the Snake.


While many people think it’s Chinese New Year, the Lunar New Year is, in fact, celebrated by Koreans, Vietnamese and some other Asian cultures. So, being a good Asian properly raised in Korean customs (totally being sarcastic… I’m completely white-washed), I invited some friends over to celebrate by eating Chinese food and making dumplings.

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Asian Pear Ginger Tart

I love easy recipes. I also like changing them up to cater to my personal tastes. So when I came across Pioneer Woman’s easy apple tart, the gears in my mind started turning on how I could alter this recipe to make other similar desserts for different seasons and moods. I had some Asian pears sitting in my fridge that needed to be eaten. Those seemed like a good substitute. And instead of brown sugar, ginger sounded like a good idea. When I went to my BFF’s house to make Beef Wellington, we also made this Asian pear ginger tart.

I have to say, this was delicious. I really like the spicy note the ginger gave to the sweet pear. We were munching away at the leftover pears in the bowl and thinking how good a compote of this would go on pork chops.

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Beef Wellington

Happy Friday the 13th! The first one of 2012…

Yesterday, I got to visit my BFF, Sarah. She lives all the way in Temecula, a 2 hr trek from me so we don’t get to spend time as much as we would like. One of the things we share is our love of food; while I tend to eat out more, she cooks all sorts of goodies at home. So whenever we get together, food is definitely part of our visit. Sometimes we’ll go out for exotic cuisine and other times, we’ll cook together, something that started in our Academic Decathlon days in high school. This visit, we decided to tackle Beef Wellington, a dish both of us have been wanting to try for a while now. Of course, between my 4mth old and her two kids, 4yrs and 17mths, we may have been a little insane to take on . . . → Read More

Breaking in the Le Creuset – Braised short ribs

(To the tune of the “Chef’s Song” in “The Little Mermaid”) Le Creuset Le Creuset How I love Le Creuset Love to braise And to stew yummy meat…

For Christmas, Husband bought me my first piece of Le Creuset. I had been mentioning wanting a French oven for a while now; I guess repeating myself works on him!


I decided to make braised short ribs as my first dish using my red round 5qt. This would test it out on the stove and in the oven. Also, beef…something Husband loves and I had to make him food he would eat. I did some research on how to make braised short ribs and holy geebus, there’s a lot of recipes out there. In the end, I just sort of winged it based on what I . . . → Read More

Easy Peasy Apple Cinnamon Tart

Happy New Year! One of my wishes for the new year (I won’t say resolution since I always seem to give those up about half-way thru Feb) was to cook more. Well, with the new job starting soon and us going on a budget due to daycare costs (OMG my wallet weeps!), at-home dining will be a more frequent event. Pinterest has been a great site for stumbling across and bookmarking recipes. Last night, I got to try one of them, Pioneer Woman’s quick n’ easy Apple Tart.

This tart looked spectacular and when I saw the recipe, I decided to make it to take over to Rock My Palate‘s last night since she invited me and the fam over for braised rabbit. With a 4mth old, fast and simple is a must in my kitchen.

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