K-town series: Ssang Kogi Nara

Just look for the lit-up sign that you can't understand...

Oh good, English...

I know I said that we were going to stay away from Korean BBQ joints for this series but after further thought, it didn’t seem right since KBBQ is such a staple of the K-town restaurant industry.  Rather than blog about the well-known joints like Road to Seoul or Genwa, Kristen of Rock My Palate and I decided to check out a restaurant we had never heard of but came recommended by Mattatouille.  The draw?  Not only did this place offer AYCE kbbq, it also offered AYCE sushi/sashimi.

Ssang Kogi Nara is located on the outskirts of Koreatown in what can only be described as a “sketchy” neighborhood.  The restaurant seems out of place here amongst industrial businesses that are closed for the night. The interior isn’t the nicest but hey, it’s the food that matters, right?

The menu is simple – 4 different options based on how much you think you can pack away in your tummy.  We opted to go with Option C since AYCE kbbq, sushi AND sashimi ($25) seemed overkill for 2 people (and a kidlet).  For $20, we got AYCE meat and one plate of sashimi to share.  If I remember correctly, we opted for the short rib (galbi), marinated ribs, bulgogi and pork bulgogi. Continue Reading →

K-town Series: Kalbi Burger

There’s more to Korean food than KBBQ and Koreatown (or Ktown) in LA is a veritable mecca of little eateries serving up all sorts of delectable dishes from my parents’ homeland.  Kristen of Rock My Palate and I decided to start a series on our blogs where we would try a new non-BBQ place once a month and blog about it.

Hi def menu

So who's hungry?

February’s location was Kalbi Burger (read Kristen’s review).  Okay, so it’s not true Korean but it’s in Ktown and a place I’ve been wanting to try ever since I spotted them at the 2nd Annual Korean BBQ Festival.  They won the Crowd Favorite award, by the way…

Located in a strip mall with free valet parking (well, should tip the guy…) for customers, Kalbi Burger is a small, clean and brightly lit joint serving up Asian fusion burgers.  The owner is a firm believer in keeping food pure and organic so Kalbi Burger serves only 100% natural, hormone & antibiotic free Angus beef from humanely raised and handled cows.  This should make your inner hippie happy.  The menu has a variety of Asian-fusion burgers (including a chicken and veggie-friendly one), salads, hot dogs and sides ranging from fries to kimchi.  For those who are finnicky, like Husband (or Cat Wrangler as Kristen has dubbed him), there is a “build your own burger” option.

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