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My kind of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. Most girls in relationships love it. Everyone else hates it. Cat Wrangler and I? It’s an excuse to have cheese fondue at home. A much better, cheaper option than dining out in LA during one of the busiest restaurant nights of the year. Also, traffic is horrendous because everyone is trying to get to their date location. To put it in perspective, there’s traffic, LA traffic, LA holiday traffic and then LA Valentine’s Day traffic. Yeah.

Dinner reservations? Haha, good luck.

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The Melting Pot – Torrance

With the impending birthday, my husband arranged a dinner with some friends at The Melting Pot in Torrance Saturday night. For those of you not familiar with this place, it’s a fondue restaurant.  The menu at fondue restaurants is relatively simple, at least for the two places I have been to.  There’s a 4-course meal option which consists of: – choice of cheese fondue – salad – choice of main entrée – choice of chocolate dessert The menu also allows for a la carte ordering so if all you want is cheese fondue or chocolate fondue, you can do that.

Since it was a special occasion, Hubby n’ I decided to splurge and went with the “Big Night Out” which was The Melting Pot’s four course option.

For the cheese fondue, we went for the quattro formagio which was a delicious mixture of Fontina, Grùyere and Gran Queso cheeses with . . . → Read More

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