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Saehae Bok Mahnee Bahdeuseyo!!!

Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome to the Year of the Snake.


While many people think it’s Chinese New Year, the Lunar New Year is, in fact, celebrated by Koreans, Vietnamese and some other Asian cultures. So, being a good Asian properly raised in Korean customs (totally being sarcastic… I’m completely white-washed), I invited some friends over to celebrate by eating Chinese food and making dumplings.

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SGV Food Crawl

A few weekends ago, San Diego food blogger Jenn of Kirbie’s Cravings and her posse (2 brothers and future husband) came up for a visit.  She invited me to join her on a food crawl thru the San Gabriel Valley led by Danny aka Kung Food Panda.  Having not explored much of the SGV, I quickly jumped on the opportunity.

Cat ears, cat ears…eat 'em up. YUM!

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Dim Sum Truck

Introducing…Dim Sum Truck!

One of Alex's helpers

Sunday, the Husband and I were invited to attend a sneak peek of Los Angeles’s newest food truck, Dim Sum Truck!  I had tried a couple of their items at the Food Fest and liked them, so I was looking forward to tasting more of their menu.

Founded by Alex Chu, a young entrepreneur and graduate of USC, the Dim Sum Truck seeks to bring this classic Chinese cuisine to the streets of Los Angeles.  Those familiar with the food scene in this city know in order to get the “good stuff” when it comes to dim sum, one has to trek all the way to the San Gabriel Valley.  Not . . . → Read More

Dumpling Inn

Been craving dumplings for a while now so coworkers and I went to Dumpling Inn for the first time yesterday for late-ish lunch (got there around 1pm).

The place is tiny; fortunately, they had 1 table left open and it was large enough to accomodate our group of 5.   Even after we were seated, there were people coming in and out and at some point, there was a short wait.  I’ve heard this place gets crowded on weekends.

We placed an order of Xiao Long Bao, pork n’ chive dumplings, chow mein. I also added a request for jellyfish. The jelly fish here is excellent ($6.95). The sauce is refreshing and cool and the jellyfish nice and crunchy. The chow mein ($9.25) was okay but I felt that it was a little bland. The serving portion was large since it was meant to be shared family style. I loved . . . → Read More

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