My 20 Minutes of Veganism

Vegan food. Just the word “vegan” makes me shudder and think of scary soy-based cheese that doesn’t melt…. Of meat substitutes that look like the real deal but are…off.  You know when you eat something but it’s not quite right and you can’t put your finger on why?  Yeah, that’s vegan food to me. Except I know why….  There’s no dead animal flesh or dairy! I feel like a rabbit masticating plant matter and soy. Bland plant matter and soy, emphasis on the bland. If I’m going to be a bunny, I want to be the f***ing Cadbury bunny, thank you.

It’s not that all vegan food I’ve tried is bad. Vinh Lo Tofu was pretty awesome. But overall, I always felt somewhat unsatisfied. Call it a mental block but whatevs…. Continue Reading →

Le Saint Amour: Saving me from cereal

Blackboard Eats posted a 30% off deal for Le Saint Amour in Culver City.  Friends had raved about the place so I snagged a coupon code thinking I’d use it before the baby arrived.  Well, since I delivered two weeks early, that didn’t happen.  With the code about to expire, Husband and I packed up the baby and headed out for a much needed “nice meal”. We had been living off “quick n’ easy” home cooking which basically translates into Hamburger Helper and microwaveable frozen items.  And cereal. Lots of cereal…

I want to bathe in those olives...

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Chego my heart…

Everyone’s familiar with Roy Choi, founder of the Kogi food trucks.  A little over a year ago, he opened up a restaurant, Chego which got mixed reviews from the food blogger scene.  I held off on visiting this place because I wasn’t very impressed with the Kogi truck and the so-so reaction didn’t make me want to go out of my way to eat here. However, a few weekends ago, I was in the vicinity with Kristen of Rock My Palate for Chef Dan Moody’s Dessert Happy Hour at Scoops Westside. She decided to eat here for dinner prior to the dessert event (not a pop-up!) so I tagged along.

There's meatballs under there...

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MoKo – They Should call it MoCash

MoKo for Modern Korean

To kick off the weekend and celebrate the completion of my Master’s degree, I decided to try out MoKo in Culver City with my usual partner in culinary crime, Kristen of Rock My Palate and Husband aka the Cat Wrangler.

MoKo replaces the space that was once Gyenari. Husband and I used to eat at Gyenari for lunch since his workplace was nearby and tried the KBBQ dinners there a couple of times. While a little on the expensive side, we always enjoyed the food and the portions were enough to fill us up. We were a little sad when we heard Gyenari was being replaced but I was curious to see what would be taking over.  MoKo is a new venture by Will Shin of Gyenari with Chris Heyman (Table 8 and 8 oz.) and Chef Gary Robins (Russian Tea Room – NYC).  The menu is still Korean-influenced and it did retain some “grill your own” tabletop options but it is definitely no longer a KBBQ joint. Instead, the idea is to order several plates for sharing, sort of like a Korean tapas bar.

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