Brunching @ The Churchill

Over in the Mid-City West area, just a short jaunt from the Beverly Center mall is The Churchill. It’s not just a bar but it’s also not just a restaurant. It’s the kind of place that you go to after work with coworkers for a drink and dinner and then stick around for more drinks. And on the weekends, it’s where you meet up for brunch and gossip the day away with your girlfriends.

Industrial meets Colonial

A few months ago, I was invited to partake in a media brunch. I used this as an excuse to get out of the house and leave Husband at home with the baby. Mama needs a cocktail! Which I got in the form of endless mimosas… Course, not drinking for 9+mths resulted in me getting tipsy after one glass…

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I, along with Kristen of Rock My Palate and some other bloggers, was invited to dine last night at Baleen at the Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club in Redondo Beach. Despite living in the South Bay for the past year, I’ve only started exploring the area. Located in the same area as Ruby’s Diner and Joe’s Crab Shack, Baleen is tucked away at the end of the road. Its hidden location made me completely oblivious to its existence, unfortunately, for this place is really a gem.

I want this bar in my house.

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The Wrath of Con: Friday Night Italian

Ah Friday, halfway thru Comic-con.  That night, we met up with some friends for dinner and looked for a spot that could accommodate 6 and didn’t have an insane several hour wait.  Fortunately, less than a block away from the Hard Rock Hotel was Toscana, a little Italian cafe that had a table for 6 free right then and there.  And, they could make a special order for one of our party members who’s allergic to garlic…

My appetite wasn’t feeling pasta since I had it the night before.  There was a bacon-wrapped filet mignon with a risotto on the specials menu but that sounded too heavy.  I was craving salad.  I know, weird….but the body craves what the body wants and I had to listen.  I opted for the antipasto salad, a mix of greens with salami, garbanzo beans, mozzarella cheese and a balsamic dressing, if memory serves me right.  Since I was pretty hungry, I decided to also go for the bruschetta.  However, they were out of it so I got the prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella as an alternative.

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Vegas Trip: Casino Eats

Labyrinth of Jareth took up a bit of my time the past couple of weeks…lots of building, organizing, and actual event working.  I got to play with power tools and still have all my fingers.  *wriggles all 9 of them*  Wait, what?  However, I’m off to Comic-con tomorrow for more torture fun er something.  If you see a frazzled Asian chick running around the Exhibitor Hall floor with a headset on, that’s me!  Hopefully, I’ll get in some good eats somewhere in the Gaslamp.  *crosses fingers* Anyways, let’s go back a couple of months to Vegas, shall we?

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