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Baby-mooning in Vegas: Dining at Raku aka Husband’s new fave Vegas restaurant

Enter and feast…

With the impending birth of our son, Husband and I decided to escape to Vegas back in July for one last relaxing jaunt before we became parents and became home-bound for a while.  It was a nice long weekend spent in the pool (a huge relief on the pressure my hips are suffering) and since we drove out, we got to explore restaurants off the Strip.  We already blogged about our awesome first time experience with Ethiopian cuisine.  Another recommendation from friends was a Japanese charcoal grill called Raku.

I had heard about Raku via friends on Twitter and Kirk over at Mmm-yoso blogged about it.  I was curious and Husband was game since well…the menu touted meat on a stick.  I called on Friday for same-day . . . → Read More

Baby-mooning in Vegas: Merkato, our first Ethiopian experience

One of our good friends, Dave, lives in Vegas and we used this opportunity to meet up with him and his lady friend for lunch since we don’t get to see him much.  He is a Vegas native so we let him choose the place to lunch at; he picked an Ethiopian off the Strip.  Neither Husband nor I have had Ethiopian but I was curious to try it based on what I knew.  Husband, on the other hand, was a little wary and I was somewhat concerned he would not be able to find something to eat…

Starting off…

Ethiopian food is a bit different; instead of using utensils and plates, a spongy, slightly sour bread called injera is used. Vegetarian and meat dishes are served family style on top of the injera . . . → Read More

Picca, Picca…Picca-chew!


I can count on one finger the number of times I’ve had Peruvian cuisine. This was years ago in San Diego at some little mom-n-pop place and honestly, the meal was just okay. A couple of weeks ago, buzz started hitting my Twitter feed about Chef Ricardo Zarate’s soon-to-open Picca in the space above Test Kitchen (now Sotto). I was curious since his other restaurant, Mo-Chica, was raved about by fellow food bloggers and I wanted to have another go at Peruvian food. I fortunately snagged an early dinner reservation on one of their $40 prix-fixe sneak-peek nights last Friday and invited Kristen of Rock My Palate and Mark & Angela of I Flip For Food.

K-town series: Ssang Kogi Nara

Just look for the lit-up sign that you can't understand…

Oh good, English…

I know I said that we were going to stay away from Korean BBQ joints for this series but after further thought, it didn’t seem right since KBBQ is such a staple of the K-town restaurant industry.  Rather than blog about the well-known joints like Road to Seoul or Genwa, Kristen of Rock My Palate and I decided to check out a restaurant we had never heard of but came recommended by Mattatouille.  The draw?  Not only did this place offer AYCE kbbq, it also offered AYCE sushi/sashimi.

Ssang Kogi Nara is located on the outskirts of Koreatown in what . . . → Read More

A Return to Taqueria Mexico

As you have heard me complain before, there is very little in the way of delicious hole-in-the-wall Mexican around my home.  However, my work has this great little taqueria I’ve posted about before, Taqueria Mexico, nearby in Westminster.  Guess where we went for lunch today? ;)

$.87 gets you one street-style taco.  These are small, soft flour tortillas but they are packed full of your choice of meat, onion-cilantro mix and a spicy red or green sauce.  I go for the carne asada and the pastor (bbq pork) but you can also get carnitas, lengua (tongue), cabeza (head meat), pollo (chicken) or chorizo.  They do have several different burritos and prices range from around $3-5 for them.  But really, go for the tacos.

taco taco!

. . . → Read More

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