Getting in touch with my inner food self…

“Work on Saturday”, they said, “and we’ll give you Monday off.”  Okay. Of course, what was supposed to be an easy 8 hrs turned into 14 hrs. (T_T) Oh well, I got paid OT. But I sure was glad I scheduled a spa day for myself on Monday. The catch? I booked it at a Korean spa in K-town. While I had been to a “Korean” spa before, I had not been to a true one yet.

Korean spas. Not quite your typical place where you lounge in tranquility to the soothing sounds of pan flutes and aromatherapy and enjoy treatments in a private room. No, Korean spas are different. Jacuzzi pools may include green tea or mugwort in the water. Dry saunas may be enhanced with jade walls, salt bricks or some other mineral while wet saunas may have some herbal concoction scenting the air. Also, everyone is naked. Wait, what? Naked? What do you mean “naked”?  Uh… naked. Nude. Au naturel. Birthday suit. Boobies and bushes everywhere! Well, except for those that go for the full Brazilian… TMI?

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Eating Humble Potato

One of our coworker friends who lives in our old neighborhood of Westchester told us about a new place that opened up in the area, Humble Potato. This place boasts American comfort food with a Japanese kick. I was hooked at the mention of curry fries. The Japanese version of poutine? Sure!

The Cat Wrangler was game to try it as well since he likes Japanese curry, one of the few Asian foods he actually enjoys as opposed to just barely tolerating it. Yeah, I’m married to a white guy who isn’t that into Asian cuisine. Don’t ask how our marriage survives… or what he eats at my family gatherings. So for dinner on a Saturday, we headed over with the kidlet. The place wasn’t too packed; turns out, we ended up just beating the crowd because a line formed out the door shortly after we ordered. Lucky Cat was smiling on us that night.



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Ryan Gosling… it’s what’s for breakfast.

When it comes to round breakfast foods with holes in them, the bagel is #1 in my book. A good glazed yeast donut is a close 2nd but I actually prefer the twist version. I don’t know why… Maybe it has to do with me being able to tear it apart like string cheese. But let’s go back to the bagel….

What exactly is so lovable about the bagel? Is it the way it squishes when you squeeze it gently? Maybe it’s the dense softness of the interior contrasted with the somewhat tough skin. Or could it be its comforting warmth after being toasted? Or how about how delicious it is naked or covered in schmear or slathered in melted butter and jam? OMG, the bagel is the Ryan Gosling of breakfast foods!!?!?!?!?!

Yes. Yes, you can, Ryan.

I guess my only gripe with this holey grail of breads is the fact that they are too much of a good thing for me. I can’t stop at one. Once I eat a bagel, I want another one. And another one. And another one… Breakfast, 2nd breakfast, elevnsies, lunch, dinner, snacks, dessert. Plain, toasted, schmeared, as a sandwhich, buttered and cinnamon-sugared. Oh yes, I have all sorts of uses for a bagel. Yes, I know there are those “diet-friendly” bagels out there. The 100 calorie ones and Bagel Thins but those I shun and shout “BLASPHEMY!”. I mean, honestly, would you want Ryan Gosling if he were stripped of the things that made him desirable?

And on that note, I’m considering Bagel #3 now… Hey baby, how’d you like to get schmeared?


Tuesday night, the Cat Wrangler (my husband) and I took advantage of an invite from media agency, Taylor, to view a screening of a short documentary, The Unsinkable Henry Morgan, followed by a Q&A with Director Michael Haussman and underwater archeologist Fritz Hanselmann. We unscrupulously used this event to have our first “date” night in months.

VFX is a brutal industry on relationships/marriage. When production is on normal hours, there’s really no problem. But when overtime starts, it can go on for weeks, even months, starting with 10hr days, then moving on to 12hr days, Saturdays, full weekends, holidays… It’s easy for people to grow apart, for resentment to foster, for more fights to break out. With both of us in the industry, on different shifts, I guess you can say we’re doubly at risk. We grasp at any chance we can get to spend time together and keep finding common ground to connect on. That night, our common ground was Captain Morgan.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, people!  I spent mine drinking cheap champagne with mango puree and playing board games with Husband and some friends. Then we watched the ball drop in Times Square while Jenny McCarthy made out with some dude in uniform. Her lipstick smeared all over his mouth and made it look like he was the Herpes King of 2013…. Awkward! Though not as awkward as Kathy Griffin trying to grab Anderson Cooper’s package all night…. (o_O)

It seems various cultures have some sort of “lucky” food you are supposed to eat on New Year’s Day. There’s noodles, pork, black-eyed peas, collard greens…  Koreans eat “duk mandu guk” (rice cake dumpling soup). When I was a kid, my mom would put my sisters and me to work making mandu while we watched the Rose Bowl parade on tv. She would pack most of them into the freezer for future use but some were used for duk mandu guk which was our breakfast, lunch and dinner for that day. I kind of miss that. The dumpling making, that is. I’ve been wanting to do that again but haven’t mustered the energy or found the time. Maybe I should just have a dumpling making party…

Click on the picture to go to TasteBook’s recipe

This year, I was too lazy to make a pot for myself despite it being fairly easy to make. Instead, Husband and I went out for Mongolian BBQ and then for dinner, I fried up some dumplings. I also napped. Don’t judge me….

Resolutions wise, same ol’, same ol’…. lose weight, exercise, blahblahblah. I want a croissant.

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