Question of the Lunch

Why is it that restaurants overdress a salad when you’re dining in but not give you enough dressing when you take it to-go?

I know everyone’s got different preferences as to how much dressing they like but c’mon, when the salad is all wilty and all I can taste is dressing, that’s too much.  Here’s another indication: if there’s enough dressing left in the bowl to eat with a spoon post-salad consumption, you’ve overdressed the damn thing. On the other hand, if you give me a little container, y’know, that little tiny plastic container the size of a quarter, half full of dressing for a main-dish sized salad…two words: Not. Enough. I’m already disgruntled about the fact that I’m eating rabbit food for lunch. I’d like it if it tasted like something other than lettuce.  Cuz lettuce, that shiz is blaaaaaaaaaaaand.

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