Stacked – Taking burgers into the iAge

I first heard about Stacked from Kirbie’s Cravings. A quick Google search revealed a location in Torrance which was not too far from where we live. Husband was interested since this place utilizes iPads for their menu and ordering system and specializes in “build-your-own” food, perfect for picky eaters like him.

Found it!

Our first visit was back in August and since then, we’ve returned several times. It took a while to find since the Del Amo mall is weirdly laid out and Google maps wasn’t exactly helpful. But we found it over by the Lucky Strike and BJ’s section, hoorah!

All techno-geeky

The restaurant was quite large and open, great for big parties since they have long booths and perfect for people with strollers. A bar in the middle of the restaurant boasts several beers on tap, including some from Stone Brewery as well as wines. Each table has an iPad (securely attached to the table in case you were wondering) that displays the menu but for those less technically inclined, physical menus are also provided. You swipe a credit card to activate the ordering system. It’s really simple and straightforward, I think, and very convenient for building your own food; there’s less chance of mis-communcation. However, wait staff are on hand to help walk n00bs through ordering via the iPad. Another plus of the iPad system is that you don’t have to wait for the check to be brought to you. And you can specify paying separately and how much tip you want to leave via percentage or dollar amount. The best thing about the iPad? There’s a help button that you can tap to signal a server to come over if you need refills or something.

The menu contains customizable burgers, salads, pizzas and hot dogs as well as milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches. There are a few pre-made options as well.  There’s quite a lot to choose from, both familiar and different.  If you want a burger, you can opt for beef, turkey, chicken, salmon or even pulled pork. Several choices of buns include brioche, pretzel and even gluten-free. Chili, homemade potato chips, Sriracha mayo and peanut butter are just some of things you can stack on your burger. Each topping does come with a charge on top of the base price of the burger but you can see the cost before you send the order to the kitchen and edit it as you wish.

Time to eat!

For the first visit, Husband and I went with customized beef burgers. He did his usual egg, cheese, bacon, bbq sauce deal on a pretzel bun. I opted for lettuce, tomato, bacon, caramelized onion and pepper jack cheese on a pretzel bun as well. We both thought the burgers were juicy, well-seasoned and down right delicious. The pretzel bun was not too hard, something that’s been a problem at other burger joints. We also ordered cheese fries with a side of curry ketchup, a condiment we fell in love with and order every time we go. Husband decided he needed a milkshake and I wanted to try an ice cream sandwich. He got a thick, chocolate overdose and I got a snickerdoodle fudge-swirl sammie. What’s neat is that you can pick two different cookies for your sandwich, if you want. It comes nicely wrapped so it’s not terribly messy to eat.

On subsequent visits, we tried other burger combos as well as chicken sandwiches. The brioche is another great bun choice and the chicken, solid. Neither of us have tried the sausages, pizza or salad since we only seem to come here when we want burgers.

And yes, we did compare it to The Counter, the other “build your own” burger joint. Husband and I both agree we like Stacked a little better. We think the patties here are more flavorful and the build your own desserts is a nice bonus. Also, the spaciousness is convenient since we have a kid in a stroller. The ability to order and check out on our own time is an added bonus since we never know when we might have to rush thru our meal (oh the joys of parenthood). But it is a further drive for us and parking at the mall sucks.

4 NOMs for Stacked

Del Amo Fashion Center
3525 W. Carson Street
Suite #172
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 542-5068

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