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I recently upgraded my phone to the iPhone 4GS. I was getting along with a 3GS but after dropping it several times, it started to die on me. Don’t worry, I bought an Otterbox case for my new iPhone. It deploys airbags… Okay, it just does a really good job of absorbing impact when my slippery fingers strike.

One of the improvements was a better camera for the 4GS. Not only is the megapixel count higher, it is also faster and does better in low lighting than the 3GS and 4G which Husband currently has. He’s quite miffed about that since he usually gets the fun toys first… *Neener neener*

I got to test out the camera the day I got it while dining at Lake Spring Cuisine in the San Gabriel Valley. The lighting wasn’t the best but still, with a little post-editing, the photos are pretty decent.

Headcheese and duck. original (left), touched-up (right)

Can’t say I was a fan of the headcheese. The texture was…interesting. Definitely an acquired taste I think. I’d try it again, though.

Our friends who did the ordering, as usual, seem to get everything but the kitchen sink. I have no problems dining with them as it’s a great opportunity to stuff  myself silly on dishes I’ve never had before.

And that's not everything that we ate...

Working clockwise, starting from the top left corner, shrimp two ways, taro and anchovy salad, ham, rice cake with shredded pork, fried strand bun, soup made from the ham, bean curd with edemame, fried fish in garlic sauce, green beans, a dish that was like peking duck but with pork instead. I really loved the fried fish in garlic sauce and the taro salad. The salad had these little fried anchovies that my mom used to cook with too. Salty, crunky, delicious! There was so much food that I didn’t even touch the rice cakes and some of the other dishes (not pictured) and dessert we got.

If it weren’t such a drive to get to the SGV for us, I’d be dining on delicious Chinese cuisine more often.

4 NOMs!

Lake Spring Cuisine
219 E Garvey Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91755
(626) 280-3571
Lake Spring Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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