Le Saint Amour: Saving me from cereal

Blackboard Eats posted a 30% off deal for Le Saint Amour in Culver City.  Friends had raved about the place so I snagged a coupon code thinking I’d use it before the baby arrived.  Well, since I delivered two weeks early, that didn’t happen.  With the code about to expire, Husband and I packed up the baby and headed out for a much needed “nice meal”. We had been living off “quick n’ easy” home cooking which basically translates into Hamburger Helper and microwaveable frozen items.  And cereal. Lots of cereal…

I want to bathe in those olives...

We were served complimentary bread n’ butter and delicious olives in a garlic marinade.  I really dug the garlic olive oil mix and dipped my bread in the little bowl after I polished off the olives.

Traded in a shell for a puff pastry

Perfect little bite

Surprisingly, Husband likes escargot (but he won’t eat a leaf of lettuce?!?!) so we got a half dozen ($12).  Delish. Buttery, garlic-y, I swished each piece of snail in the sauce before I gobbled them up with the puff pastry.

Mussels for me

Meat n' potatoes for my man

For our mains, I went with the moules marinières ($18), mussels and shallots in a white wine broth and French fries.  Husband opted for the steak frites ($23).  Our heavily French-accented waiter informed us the fryer was broken so I ended up with a salad and Husband potatoes au gratin instead of fries.  I have no idea if the steak was any good but given that there wasn’t a bite left on Husband’s plate, I’m guessing it was tasty.  I adored the mussels.  The broth was rich and herby.  Husband, who is not a shellfish fan by any means, tried a mussel and liked it.  In fact, he liked it so much, he handed me his fork for seconds.

All done!

Those mussels didn’t stand a chance…

Look at those bits of truffle!

Being an avid lover of mac n’ cheese, I, of course, ordered a side of the truffled mac n’ cheese ($10).  While others thought it was watered down, the one I got that night was rather good.  While I wouldn’t have minded a little more cheese sauce, I liked the crunchy bread crumb topping and appreciated the bits of shaved truffle being used vs. truffle oil.  Husband thought it was okay but he is more into the classic cheddar mac n’ cheese.  He confessed that he just wasn’t into truffled mac n’ cheese. I considered divorcing him for a brief moment…

Dessert is served

At this point, Husband and I debated getting dessert or going home.  It was getting close to the time where Baby could possibly wake up and start fussing.  We bet that Baby would continue being a quiet little thing in his car seat and opted to get dessert.  Pot de Crème ($8) found its way in front of Husband and I had Pêche Melba ($8). Peach-perfect refreshing dessert.  Course, I didn’t get to savor it as much as I wanted to since we lost the bet… I think I wolfed down that dessert in record time.

Both Husband and I enjoyed our meal and would return.  And happily, it is a fairly family-friendly joint as we saw other people their with their babies/kids.

4 NOMs for Le Saint Amour.

Le Saint Amour
9725 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 842-8155
Le Saint Amour on Urbanspoon

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2 comments on “Le Saint Amour: Saving me from cereal

  1. Wish I could have joined you. Le Saint Amour is my favorite brasserie in LA.

  2. horray for a meal out! The puffs look so yummy

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