My Baby Shower Cake!

This past weekend, Kristen of Rock My Palate and my middle sister, Regina, hosted a baby shower for me.  Husband and I are huge The Nightmare Before Christmas fans so Kristen and Regina themed the shower and cake around that – The Nightmare Before Baby.  They ordered a delicious cake from Jenny Wenny Cakes in San Diego.  I thought it was adorable, especially with the Zero in the crib.  The top layer had a guava filling while the bottom layer had a passion fruit filling.  I do love me my tropical fruits!  :)


Zero in a crib

In all the fun, I totally didn’t take pictures of the food! We had some delish sandwiches – tuna salad (with peas!), bbq chicken with slaw and nutella with fruit – thanks t0 “Umma” Christine.  There was also Korean fried chicken with a honey dijon and a chili soy glaze thanks to Angela of I Flip for Food. Salad, fruit, cookies, little lemon cakes and more! It was a feast and I have a ton of leftovers in my fridge now.

I loved getting to see my friends, some of whom I haven’t visited with in a while, and it was awesome getting to celebrate the impending arrival of Baby with them.

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2 comments on “My Baby Shower Cake!

  1. Cool! So glad you liked it! It was a really fun theme too! If you could send me a picture of the crib that would be awesome, I didnt capture that!

  2. hi there – saw your blog on kirbie’s sidebar. just want to say congrats on your upcoming baby! how exciting for you! i have an 10 year old daughter (going on 20 it seems)…

    jenny has made so many awesome cakes and cupcakes for me in the past (tokidoki for me, marvel/dc logos for my husband). it’s nice to know that she now makes tropical flavors! she’s the one i go to for all of our special occasion cakes.

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