Comic-con: Tilted Kilt

One of the traditions some of my fellow floor managers at Comic-Con have is gnoshing at the Tilted Kilt after a day’s work.  I had never been but Husband was a fan so Saturday night, a gang of us trekked around Petco Park and enjoyed dinner and drinks there.  I guess the easiest way to explain Tilted Kilt to someone unfamiliar with the place is to describe it as similar to Hooters but better.   The wait staff (both male and female) dress up in kilts; the women’s outfits look more like naughty school girl uniforms though – midriff and cleavage baring.  The menu here is simple and mixed – appetizers, burgers, salads, pastas, and some pub eats like fish n’ chips and shepherd’s pie. The music is loud and there’s a large bar serving up cocktails and beer.  And the majority of the crowd is male.  Like I said…it’s sort of like Hooters.

Starving and wanting protein, I ordered the BBQ bacon cheeseburger.  The bbq sauce was advertised as a Guinness bbq sauce but I didn’t really taste the flavor of the beer. I did enjoy the juiciness and largeness of the burger and the garlic parmesan fries were delish; they had a subtle garlic flavor and were crispy.

Our group ordered a few appetizers to share – both the classic and Irish nachos and the spinach artichoke dip.  I really liked the Irish nachos, mainly because of the cheese sauce. Yes, it’s not real cheese but man, something about that processed goop on potatoes/chips mixed with meat just makes it sooooo yummy.  These were HUGE appetizers, portion wise.

I have to comment that the women here looked more attractive than the ones I have seen at Hooters.  Maybe it was the outfits…  The men certainly enjoyed the cleavage and curves and I have to say, I was thisclose to asking our waitress about her push-up bra.  The space was nicer; I liked the wood accents and pub feel to the place.  It felt a little less…trashy (sorry Hooters!).  As for the food and menu selection, I prefer Tilted Kilt over Hooters.

Sorry, no pictures!

3 NOMs.

Tilted Kilt
310 10th Ave (10th & K next to Petco Park)
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 814-5458
Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery on Urbanspoon

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One comment on “Comic-con: Tilted Kilt

  1. No pictures?! I was hoping to see the hot outfits ;-)

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