Lofting it up during Comic-con

As I mentioned in the previous post, I didn’t venture out too much this year for dinner.  However, on Friday night, Husband came down to join me so we meandered into the Gaslamp Quarter for a late dinner.  My roommate recommended Dussini’s Loft Bar inside the Old Spaghetti Factory.  She said there usually isn’t a wait and it was right around the corner from the Hard Rock Hotel where we were staying, something my feet greatly appreciated.  Also, she raved about the lobster mac n’ cheese.  Sold.

When we got to the Old Spaghetti Factory, there was a long wait but we walked inside, climbed the stairs and ended up in a cozy little bar area.  There were several tables still open around 9pm so we snagged one.  When the waiter arrived, we ordered a couple of drinks, well, an Italian soda for me and a cocktail for Husband and were informed that the lobster mac n’ cheese had just run out. *cue tears of sadness*  After a quick look at the short menu, we opted for the garlic cheese bread and fried ravioli.

Cheesey garlic bread

Fried cheesey ravioli

The food arrived hot shortly after and we quickly devoured the two plates. While neither were exceptional, they both were good and hit the spot, satiating our hunger.  I liked the chunky marinara sauce that was served for dipping.  Husband let me have most of the carb-dairy overload since he wanted to have dessert… chocolate cake with ice cream! I stole some of his ice cream… :D

Cakey cakey...

If we weren’t so tired and me pregnant, we would have stuck around to have a few drinks as the bar ambiance was nice with dim lighting and wood accents. I think we’ll be back next year since the lack of a wait was a huge bonus. Plus, I HAVE to try the lobster mac n’ cheese…

3 NOMs for Dussini’s.

Dussini’s Loft Bar (inside the Old Spaghetti Factory)
275 5th Ave
(between K St & L St)
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 233-4323
Dussini Loft Bar on Urbanspoon

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