Foodbuzz Festival Day 1: Street Food Fare

Foodbuzz Festival was quite a lot of “firsts” for me.  First time flying to SFO alone.  First time taking the BART.  First time attending a food blogger convention…

After checking in to the Sir Francis Drake Hotel (or the Beefeater hotel as I liked to think of it due to the attendant in front dressed like the guy on the Beefeater vodka bottle), I went downstairs to check in to the Fest and pick up my badge.  I also got a swag bag.  Snack items, recipe cards and kitchen tools including a giant knife called “The Devil” and “will cut thru anything” scissors…this was the mother of all swag bags!  Yeah, I definitely was going to have to check in my bag on my return flight.

My's full of cupcakes!

The beer's watching me...

The first night, the welcome reception, was spent in a warehouse at Fort Mason (my first visit to the site).  Outside was a food truck event that I was told occurred every Friday.  This looked very much like the food truck festivals in LA minus the admission fee and the super longs lines.  There were quite a few trucks present…  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to explore.

When I entered the warehouse, the food vendors were still setting up shop.  There was a huge mini-cupcake display spelling out Foodbuzz from Mission Minis.  Further in the space was Spencer on the Go!  I remember them as the “French” food truck on Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race.  I was especially curious about how their food would taste.

Beer samplings were being given out and free wine was abundant.  Yes, I quickly got buzzed…  :)

Nibble nibble

We were assigned tables to sit at; each table had a cheese, fruit and bread plate which I nibbled on to soak up the alcohol.  Figs!  Yay…  And the pears, provided by Frog Hollow Farm, were awesome.  Hardly anyone touched the plate though. Maybe everyone was saving room for the samples from the vendors?

I started with a pork sandwich from Roli Roti. Served with bits of crunchy skin and an onion compote, this was really delicious and a favorite of a few bloggers I was hanging out with.  The arugula added a nice peppery note and the bread was just the right ratio.  The fingerling potatoes served with the sandwich was a nice change from french fries and a rich rosemary flavor and smell to them.

Oink oink

Holy pork sandwich, Batman!

Namu had a great albeit messy take on the Korean taco.  Instead of tortillas, they used nori sheets and filled it with rice, kalbi and a kimchi salsa.  The nori sheets were a little thin so a lot of the delicious filling fell out but I’m used to eating with my hands.


I also tried pizza from Napoli Pizza and tacos from Tacolicious, both of which were okay.  The pork from Tacolicious was a little bland, I thought.  I really liked the crust of the pizza, though…thin, a little crispy and chewy.

There's a lot of pork in here

4505 Meats was present with a pork sandwich as well.  This one was very tasty but heavy; the pork cutlet was breaded with cornmeal and they added green beans for some crunch.  An interesting addition, both taste and texture wise…  For a side, they had a few pieces of airy, crackly chicharrones.  I loved these and snagged a free snack bag for later.

There's beans in my sandwich!

Lollipop, lollipop

At this point, I was getting full but I still wanted to try Spencer on the Go.  They had 3 sample offerings: a lamb sandwich, lobster cappuccino and an escargot lollipop.  I was sandwiched out so I opted for the latter two.  The cappuccino, while rich in lobster flavor, was lacking in texture.  Anything, lobster, veggies, oyster crackers would have been a huge plus. The escargot lollipop was mostly puff pastry.  Disappointing…

For dessert, I tried a little sample of ice cream from Straus Family Creamery and on my way back to the bus, nabbed a little cupcake from the display.

I didn’t get to try the vegetable paella and I was told there were macarons somewhere in the building.  Darn!  I’m a macaron fiend…

All in all, a fun and filling first night…

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3 comments on “Foodbuzz Festival Day 1: Street Food Fare

  1. All of that food looks so delicious! I must go to Foodbuzz next year.

  2. Yes you must!

  3. For some reason, I got too full too fast at this event and didn’t get to try all the things I should have. I’m ready to try ‘em now — Is it too late, hahaha. I was also disappointed in Spencer on the Go. The Lobster Cappuccino had nothing to it, not even a good flavor I’m sorry to report and heard the same from others regarding the Escargot. Hope all is going well chicka — Keeping an eye out for you around the OC.

    Shelly, Nibbles of Tidbits

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