A Visit to Sushi Nozomi

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A few months back, on a Tuesday, Husband and I were in the Torrance area. I had planned to go to Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori but we ended up getting lost (thanks Google Maps…). Fortunately, we passed by a sign that said Sushi Nozomi. I remembered hearing about this place thanks to Kung Food Panda‘s Twitter. Always a fan of the raw fish and on the constant hunt for good sushi spots, I decided to give up on Shin Sen Gumi (for now) and feast at Sushi Nozomi.

Amuse bouche a la sushi

When we walked in, the restaurant was practically empty; it was a little early for dinner, though, and people started coming in as we were wrapping up our meal. We decided to sit at the bar. We were given hot towels to wipe our hands with and the chef handed us this delectable little dish. I believe it was cooked hamachi with a ponzu sauce? Since it’s been a while, my memory’s a little shoddy. =/ I do remember the fish flaking nicely.

Sushi here is done slightly different. There’s no sheet to mark down your order, at least as far as I could tell. The chef asked me what I wanted and I said salmon. He served up these two little morsel. I’ve never had salmon nigiri with additional stuff on it but this was nice! And the fish was very fresh, tender. Apparently, Tuesday is a good day to go as that is when they get their shipment of fish in.  I’m not sure what was on the first piece, kelp, I think.  The 2nd piece had ponzu and fish flakes.

Salmon with, I think kelp? I have no clue but it was tasty!

Salmon nigiri with fish flakes and a little touch of ponzu. Seriously nom-ness here...

Next, I asked for some hamachi and these two very fresh, very beautiful pieces were delivered. It’s always sad to see a nice cut of fish butchered by inexperienced knives, but you will not see that here at Sushi Nozomi. The chefs know how to handle their fish!

Hamachi...a thing of beauty

At this point, I decided to go “omakase” and asked the chef to make recommendations. I know among the nigiri I tried, I had skipjack, orange clam and Spanish mackerel.  Mackarel nigiri always ends up too fishy for my palatte.  I really enjoyed the orange clam though, a first for me.  Definite citrus hint…guessing they add some sort of juice to it?


I’ve only had uni once and the texture was too soft for me.  The chef convinced me to try it again and once again, the texture was just too…mushy for my liking.  I guess I’m just not an uni person…

Uni...or an orange tongue?

I also had amaebi.  This was super fresh as the shrimp was still alive when the chef fished him out of the fridge. The shrimp tail came out and the shrimp head was used to flavor a miso soup.

The life of amaebi

Overall, Sushi Nozomi has been one of the best sushi experiences I’ve had since moving to LA in 2008.  The nigiri was fabulous, the service wonderful and the price tag, reasonable.  I haven’t gotten to go back since then but doing this post has made me want to.  Time to go nag the Husband!  :)

4 NOMs for Sushi Nozomi!

Sushi Nozomi
1757 W Carson St Ste L
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 320-5511
Sushi Nozomi on Urbanspoon

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5 comments on “A Visit to Sushi Nozomi

  1. Hey Rosa – It’s been so hot recently and sushi seems to be just the cure for the weather. When you get up here next time, try live uni, it’s much better then the boxed stuff!

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  5. Thanks, really enjoyed this!

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