The Wrath of Con: Ciro’s Pizzeria, Cartoon Network style

Wow, a week ago, at this time, I was wishing I had a new pair of feet.  Thursday at Con is my day for getting back into the groove so that come Saturday, things run smooth like butter.  It’s also the first day of my “I’m so sick of Subway” lunches.  Oh yeah, we get fed well! Brown bag lunches with a 6″ sub (ham, turkey or roast beef), cookies and a surprise fruit (apple or orange).  Oh and a couple of pieces of chocolate for dessert.  Eating the same thing 4 days in a row can get old pretty fast.  So when it’s time for dinner, I am all for something, anything, filling, delicious and…not Subway.

Since Husband was a Tron nut, he ran around doing some sort of Twitter scavenger hunt and scored 2 wristbands to check out this Tron thing the studio set up.  He had already eaten with some other friends and wanted to be in line by 9pm so we had to find someplace that had something quick for me to eat.  I figured we could find something along the walk (oh dear lord, more walking?!??!!) to the event.  As we’re strolling along (okay, I was doing a sort of waddle-limp), I spot…a Subway.  NO FRIGGIN’ WAY.  We pass a pizzeria joint with a line going out the door.  Nope.  Then I see a sign for Cartoon Network and Ciro’s Pizzeria.  That looks…promising.  While there was a line, it wasn’t insane. Sold!

Ciro’s served up NY style pizza.  Browsing the display case, I wasn’t keen on any of the slices presented to me so I perused the menu.  Oooooh, stromboli?  Okay.  20 mins to make, at least?  Erm, Husband gave me that “That’s too long” look.  Okay.  How about the eggplant parmesan hero ($7.50)?  15 mins?  We can do that.  I’m not sure why 5mins made that much of a difference but I wasn’t about to argue with Husband, especially since Tron was involved.

We placed our order at the register, paid, got a couple of cups for soda and got a table.  Sure enough, about 15 mins later, a plate of penne pasta with eggplant parmesan ($9) on top was placed before me.  Um…thinking back, I never specified the hero, I just said eggplant parmesan.  I totally missed that they had a pasta version.  That’s okay cuz I really needed the carbs.  I sprinkled some hot pepper flakes, took a bite and HOOOOT…  But oooh yum.  The marinara sauce was thick and tomato-y and you could taste the various Italian seasonings.  The eggplant was not heavily breaded but nice and crispy and there was some mozzarella somewhere on the pasta, hiding.  This was just what I needed…a rich, hearty, delicious plate of food.  Looking online at their website, I was supposed to have gotten some garlic knots with my meal but that didn’t happen.  Honestly, the service was a little wonky but it could have been that they were a little overwhelmed with all the Con traffic.  The staff did look a little frazzled.  I do think $9 was a little steep for the food I got, as well.  But they deliver and are also within walking distance to the Con and have decent food so they get a thumbs up in my book.  Hey, it’s not Subway!

So where did Cartoon Network fit into all this?  Well, the cups were plastic CN-logoed and there were characters from various CN shows painted on the walls.

As for the Tron thing, it was pretty neat.  They set up a front similar to Flynn’s Arcade in the movie.  We went thru an arcade, thru a hidden door behind a Tron machine, into Flynn’s secret lab and on to a neat room with men and women dressed in Tron outfits, serving ice cold bottles of Coke Zero.  There was a dj playing music and at one point, it all stopped and they showed a teaser with some new footage from the movie on a screen.

3 NOMs for Ciro’s.  Sorry for the lack of pictures… I was more preoccupied with eating than documenting.

Ciro’s Pizzeria
536 Market Street (between 5th & 6th)
San Diego CA 92101
Ciro's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

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2 comments on “The Wrath of Con: Ciro’s Pizzeria, Cartoon Network style

  1. I was wondering how the Tron thing was. I kept hearing about it. Oh those scavenger hunts…I didn’t even try. Heh. I was too lazy.

  2. I don’t think I would have done it myself either but Husband’s…er…dedicated. :D

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