The Wrath of Con: Candelas for the Hungry Horde

I’m back from Comic-Con!  Getting to work as “staff” on the Exhibitor Floor is always…interesting.  ;)  I dare say it’s definitely a memorable experience.  It’s also exhausting.  But despite the challenges, the craziness and the “OMG WTF” moments, I had fun with my “crew”, as always.  Even if my supervisor tried to kill me with her crazy cart driving!

Anyways, I did get to try out a couple of new places for dinner and I finally got some Vietnamese eats Monday for lunch before heading home.  But I didn’t get a lot of pictures so you’ll have to make do without visuals for some of the spots. I’ll try to be super-descriptive…

After Preview Night ended on Wednesday, some of the crew headed to Candelas on 3rd and J.  This is a great little eatery with a whole lot of ambiance.  The front section serves as the bar area while the back is the official dinning room.  When we arrived, we opted to stay in the bar area.  There wasn’t much of a crowd so we got to have the full attention of the bartender who was AWESOME.  We didn’t catch his name but he was from Nashville and had spent the year traveling abroad.  I discovered a new drink: Sweet Tea vodka with lemonade.  Arnold Palmer with a kick anyone?  ;)  Just what I needed to make me forget about my already aching feet.  Not a good sign…

Quesadilla of mushroom-y goodness

The cuisine at Candelas is of Mexican influence.  The bar menu offered up some soups, salads and dishes such as tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas.  I opted for the grilled quesadilla which had wild mushrooms.  Served with a side of black beans and a green salsa, this really hit the spot for me.  It was rich with mushroom flavor and perfectly cheesy without going overboard.  And the portion was just enough to satiate my appetite without making me feel overly stuffed.

Chicken salady goodness

One of our crew ordered a chicken salad which originally came with a blue cheese.  Not being a fan, he was able to substitute queso fresca instead.  Another person ordered spicy shrimp enchiladas which she said did have some heat to it.

It may have been our ravenous appetite but no one left their dish unfinished and everyone was happy with the flavors and portions.

This place definitely is on my radar as a “go-to” spot for next year.  It’s close enough to the Con to walk to but not on the crowded paths which means it doesn’t get the long waits and crazy crowds like other restaurants do, at least not on Wednesday night.  Hrm, do I really want to share this place?  ;)

I give Candelas 4 NOMs.  And as our Governator once said, I’ll be back…next year.

416 3rd Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 702-4455
Candelas on Urbanspoon

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