Vegas Trip: Casino Eats

Labyrinth of Jareth took up a bit of my time the past couple of weeks…lots of building, organizing, and actual event working.  I got to play with power tools and still have all my fingers.  *wriggles all 9 of them*  Wait, what?  However, I’m off to Comic-con tomorrow for more torture fun er something.  If you see a frazzled Asian chick running around the Exhibitor Hall floor with a headset on, that’s me!  Hopefully, I’ll get in some good eats somewhere in the Gaslamp.  *crosses fingers* Anyways, let’s go back a couple of months to Vegas, shall we?

Since Husband and I were on the very north end of the Strip, the only hotel/casino near us was the Sahara.  Well, there was the Stratosphere as well but we weren’t -that- far north… After sleeping in Saturday, we walked over to the Sahara and ended up eating there before hopping on the tram.  Let’s just say that this was pretty much on par with Denny’s fare…

We were really craving breakfast-y stuff so when we saw that the Caravan Cafe offered breakfast 24-7, we were sold.  I think at this point, we really didn’t care where we ate as long as we got something in us that were hashbrowns, eggs and some sort of protein. No, we didn’t have a specific craving… ;)

Omelette of dooooooooooom

Somehow, my lust for hashbrowns landed me with a huge omelette…almost all of which I demolished.  I can’t quite remember what I opted for in my omelette…mushrooms for sure, and ham?  There was a large slice of cheddar as garnish, though it does look a lot like a Kraft single, doesn’t it?  All I remember was that it was really filling and benefited from an additional sprinkling of salt and pepper. I did get an order of rye toast that really needed more butter.  Actually, any butter would have been nice.  I think the cook forgot it.

Husband's less ginormous breakfast

Husband went for a classic breakfast of 2 eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and white toast.  Again, the eggs were a little bland so more pepper!

Service here was pretty slow.  It took a short wait to get us seated even though the dining room wasn’t full.  It also took a while before a waitress came and took our order and it was another wait before our food came out.

Like I said before, very Denny’s-ish…

2 1/2 NOMs…  Given that it’s pretty much the only place within walking distance we can get breakfast-y food without our wallets getting plundered, we’ll probably end up here again at some point.

The Caravan Cafe
Sahara Hotel & Casino
2535 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Caravan Café (Sahara) on Urbanspoon

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  2. You get to run around with a headset at CC? How cool! So are you one of the big, important volunteers then?

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