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God Morgen

I like mornings that start off with Copenhagen Pastry.


(Starting at top, clockwise) Raspberry pastry, cheese-poppyseed twist, coffee bread, kringle

Copenhagen Pastry 11113 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 310-839-8900 Hours: Mon. – Fri. 7am – 5pm Sat. – Sun. 8am – 4pm

My Baby Shower Cake!

This past weekend, Kristen of Rock My Palate and my middle sister, Regina, hosted a baby shower for me.  Husband and I are huge The Nightmare Before Christmas fans so Kristen and Regina themed the shower and cake around that – The Nightmare Before Baby.  They ordered a delicious cake from Jenny Wenny Cakes in San Diego.  I thought it was adorable, especially with the Zero in the crib.  The top layer had a guava filling while the bottom layer had a passion fruit filling.  I do love me my tropical fruits!  :)


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Natas Pastries – Portuguese in the valley

Natas Pastries

The same weekend we visited Portugal Imports, we also ventured into the valley to try Natas Pastries.  Tanya Bjork, artist extraordinaire, found out about this place from her mother and researched it.  The bakery was founded almost 5 years ago by Fatima Marques who was homesick for her native pastries.  Not finding a single place in Los Angeles that offered pasteis de nata (also called “natas”), she spent years studying how to reproduce these delectable desserts the authentic, old-fashioned way and went so far as to import an oven from Portugal.  Besides offering traditional favorites like queijadas (tarts filled with a mixture of cheese, sugar, cinammon), pasteis de coco and Portuguese sweet bread (similar to Hawaiian sweet bread), Natas Pastries also offers other European desserts like eclairs . . . → Read More

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