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Reality Bites at Orson

A menu to a kill

With all my recent posts raving about all the good eats I’ve had, you’re probably wondering if I’ve had a bad meal or if I’m one of those people who is happy eating anything.  I’m definitely not and I definitely had some less than stellar meals.  It’s just more fun writing about the good ones!

Unfortunately, this is going to be about one of the more disappointing noms I’ve experienced.  While in San Fransisco for Foodbuzz Fest, Kat of Kat’s 9 Lives invited me and Princess Gourmet to brunch with her at Orson, Chef Elizabeth Faulkner’s restaurant.  You may recognize Chef Faulkner if you’ve watched any of those cake challenges on Food Network.  I always thought she was solely a pastry chef but . . . → Read More

Foodbuzz Festival Day 1: Street Food Fare

Foodbuzz Festival was quite a lot of “firsts” for me.  First time flying to SFO alone.  First time taking the BART.  First time attending a food blogger convention…

After checking in to the Sir Francis Drake Hotel (or the Beefeater hotel as I liked to think of it due to the attendant in front dressed like the guy on the Beefeater vodka bottle), I went downstairs to check in to the Fest and pick up my badge.  I also got a swag bag.  Snack items, recipe cards and kitchen tools including a giant knife called “The Devil” and “will cut thru anything” scissors…this was the mother of all swag bags!  Yeah, I definitely was going to have to check in my bag on my return flight.

My gawd…it's full of cupcakes!

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Many many months ago, a high school friend and I went up to the Bay Area to visit another friend.  Naturally, many of our outings involved eating.  One of our excursions involved a stop at Crepevine for brunch.

Menu board at Crepevine

Located on Church St., this restaurant is a cute little eatery that boasts a huge menu of breakfast and lunch items such as omelettes, scrambles, pasta, sandwiches and, of course, crepes of the sweet and savory varieties.

When we arrived in the late morning, there was already quite a crowd inside.  All the outdoor tables were occupied as well.  Luckily, a large party was just leaving so we snagged their tables. Ordering was a bit confusing as we were given menus by a guy who seemed to be filling in the rolls of . . . → Read More

Eating our way thru the Bay…area that is.

Last weekend, Dan and I went up to San Fransisco to attend the wedding of one of my good friends from high school. Lovely lovely…(^_^)…interesting even what with the fire alarms going off (not during the ceremony, thankfully)! There’s something surreal about being at a Chinese style reception and hearing the mostly-Asian crowd singing “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi at the top of their lungs.

Since this is a review blog…food review from our weekend!!! I have to apologize that I don’t have pictures of the actual food save 1 item. We did have a camera but we just were so caught up in seeing old friends and having fun that we never really broke out the camera. =/ Instead, you’ll have to make do with the pictures I found on the intarwebs.

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