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Reminiscing about Disneyland Halloween Time

While going thru my backlog, I came across pictures of Husband and I when we were at Disneyland last year for Halloween Time celebrating our wedding anniversary.  Since we’ll be dealing with a one-month old by the time October rolls around again, we probably won’t be going this year (SAD!!!) but I figure I’d share the fun to entice you to go in our stead.  ;)   The whole park is decorated, some of the rides get Halloween-ified, and there are some seasonal treats like Mickey Mouse Jack-o-lantern candy apples as well as the regular eats that I recommend you splurge on.

It's Halloween time!

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Where are we lunching meow? OC edition…

Usually, I don’t go out for lunch during the work week but the past few months, we’ve had people visiting from our home office so naturally, per diem needed to be spent so lunch out it was.  I got to discover and try a bunch of places I didn’t know about near my office.  Photo dump time to clean off my phone!

Banh Mi Burger from Pee Wee's

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A Return to Taqueria Mexico

As you have heard me complain before, there is very little in the way of delicious hole-in-the-wall Mexican around my home.  However, my work has this great little taqueria I’ve posted about before, Taqueria Mexico, nearby in Westminster.  Guess where we went for lunch today? ;)

$.87 gets you one street-style taco.  These are small, soft flour tortillas but they are packed full of your choice of meat, onion-cilantro mix and a spicy red or green sauce.  I go for the carne asada and the pastor (bbq pork) but you can also get carnitas, lengua (tongue), cabeza (head meat), pollo (chicken) or chorizo.  They do have several different burritos and prices range from around $3-5 for them.  But really, go for the tacos.

taco taco!

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Taco Dawg

It's a cat eat dawg dinner

Tuesday night, I attended a “critic’s dinner” hosted by Taco Dawg, an Orange County food truck serving its spin on tacos and hot dogs.  The event was to celebrate their first year of operation and to introduce new menu items.

Of the recently added items, we got to sample the Big City Dawg, the Reuben Dawg and the Dirty Dawg.  I enjoyed the Reuben dog.  Not a big fan of sauerkraut, I was apprehensive but the pickled cabbage was actually mild.  Topped with Russian dressing and a slice of Swiss cheese, this hot dog was lighter than I expected.  The all-beef frank was moist and the skin had a little snap to it when you bit in.  I wasn’t a big fan of the Big City Dawg.  Similar to . . . → Read More

OC Foodie Fest…or OMG Foodie Fest, as I like to think of it

Why OMG Foodie Fest?  Because every few seconds, I would tell Husband “OMG, we have to get in line for <insert name of food truck here>…”

My favorite kind of beach…

After our LA Street Food Fest experience, I was a bit iffy about attending another food truck festival.  While yes, it’s a convenient way to sample various trucks without hunting them down via Twitter, waiting in line in the sun for over an hour wasn’t my cup of tea.  Fortunately, I caved and bought tickets. There were too many trucks on the list I wanted to try to pass up this opportunity.  Plus, the proceeds went to kid charities and I’m a sucker for anything to do with less fortunate children.

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