Eating Humble Potato

One of our coworker friends who lives in our old neighborhood of Westchester told us about a new place that opened up in the area, Humble Potato. This place boasts American comfort food with a Japanese kick. I was hooked at the mention of curry fries. The Japanese version of poutine? Sure!

The Cat Wrangler was game to try it as well since he likes Japanese curry, one of the few Asian foods he actually enjoys as opposed to just barely tolerating it. Yeah, I’m married to a white guy who isn’t that into Asian cuisine. Don’t ask how our marriage survives… or what he eats at my family gatherings. So for dinner on a Saturday, we headed over with the kidlet. The place wasn’t too packed; turns out, we ended up just beating the crowd because a line formed out the door shortly after we ordered. Lucky Cat was smiling on us that night.



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My 20 Minutes of Veganism

Vegan food. Just the word “vegan” makes me shudder and think of scary soy-based cheese that doesn’t melt…. Of meat substitutes that look like the real deal but are…off.  You know when you eat something but it’s not quite right and you can’t put your finger on why?  Yeah, that’s vegan food to me. Except I know why….  There’s no dead animal flesh or dairy! I feel like a rabbit masticating plant matter and soy. Bland plant matter and soy, emphasis on the bland. If I’m going to be a bunny, I want to be the f***ing Cadbury bunny, thank you.

It’s not that all vegan food I’ve tried is bad. Vinh Lo Tofu was pretty awesome. But overall, I always felt somewhat unsatisfied. Call it a mental block but whatevs…. Continue Reading →

Flaming Spice – Hot! Hot! Hot!…Pot

Pretty nice plaza with an eclectic mix of showtunes and Chinese pop music playing (picture courtesy of Kirbie)

A few weeks ago, SD blogger Kirbie Cravings came up to LA. She, along with her future husband and her brother, Kung Food Panda, Limer35 and I (Husband and Baby as well) got together for some hot pot. Kung Food Panda picked Flaming Spice in Industry. We had a reservation for our large group but thanks to Hell-A traffic, I and the fam were late which caused us to lose it. Fortunately, we did get a table but take this as a lesson; check traffic and leave with plenty of time to spare.

I have never had hot pot before. If you’re familiar with shabu shabu, the Japanese meal of boiling meat and vegetables in broth at the table, this is the Chinese version, basically. I found hot pot to be better than shabu shabu, which can be bland to me. Also, at least at Flaming Spice, hot pot is cheaper. Flaming Spice does all-you-can-eat for $20/pp.

Spicy Fish/Oxtail

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MB Post: Sending my stomach some good food

Happy Lunar New Year!

Well, I’m back at work. Almost 3wks in so far at a new job, new company, new industry, and I’m loving it. I miss being home with my baby terribly but it’s nice to have an actual two-sided conversation with adults. While the kid talks back, I don’t quite know what “agoo” means.  He seems to be doing fine with his nanny and he’s now eating rice cereal! Well, sort of. I don’t think he likes it very much based on the faces he’s making but he is eating most of it. I did try the cereal out of curiosity and I didn’t think it tasted bad. Bland, yes, but not horrible. Oh well, I’m not a baby who’s getting his first taste of food so I have no idea what it tastes like to him. I’m thinking about maybe putting a little banana in there to entice him more.

Speaking of enticing, MB Post has THE most amazing bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits. In fact, they have really good food period. Husband and I went there for dinner and returned later for their new brunch menu which they started doing recently.

So glad this is down the street...

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Vinh Loi Tofu – Where things aren’t what they seem

I think one of the top 5 goals people set for themselves in the new year is to lose weight/eat healthier. I know I’ve set that resolution many times for myself. MANY times…

A few months ago, Husband let me have a girl’s lunch out to take a break from the baby. I met up with my friend Kristeen of Kristeen LaBrot Events and she took me to Vinh Loi Tofu. This Vietnamese restaurant is a little different; they make tofu in-house and turn it into vegan-friendly “meat”. Yup, all the meat on the menu is actually soy-based. Before you balk, I have to say that their meat substitute is the best I’ve ever had.

Do not eat if you can't handle the heat

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