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Baby-mooning in Vegas: Dining at Raku aka Husband’s new fave Vegas restaurant

Enter and feast…

With the impending birth of our son, Husband and I decided to escape to Vegas back in July for one last relaxing jaunt before we became parents and became home-bound for a while.  It was a nice long weekend spent in the pool (a huge relief on the pressure my hips are suffering) and since we drove out, we got to explore restaurants off the Strip.  We already blogged about our awesome first time experience with Ethiopian cuisine.  Another recommendation from friends was a Japanese charcoal grill called Raku.

I had heard about Raku via friends on Twitter and Kirk over at Mmm-yoso blogged about it.  I was curious and Husband was game since well…the menu touted meat on a stick.  I called on Friday for same-day . . . → Read More

Baby-mooning in Vegas: Merkato, our first Ethiopian experience

One of our good friends, Dave, lives in Vegas and we used this opportunity to meet up with him and his lady friend for lunch since we don’t get to see him much.  He is a Vegas native so we let him choose the place to lunch at; he picked an Ethiopian off the Strip.  Neither Husband nor I have had Ethiopian but I was curious to try it based on what I knew.  Husband, on the other hand, was a little wary and I was somewhat concerned he would not be able to find something to eat…

Starting off…

Ethiopian food is a bit different; instead of using utensils and plates, a spongy, slightly sour bread called injera is used. Vegetarian and meat dishes are served family style on top of the injera . . . → Read More

Vegas Trip: Casino Eats

Labyrinth of Jareth took up a bit of my time the past couple of weeks…lots of building, organizing, and actual event working.  I got to play with power tools and still have all my fingers.  *wriggles all 9 of them*  Wait, what?  However, I’m off to Comic-con tomorrow for more torture fun er something.  If you see a frazzled Asian chick running around the Exhibitor Hall floor with a headset on, that’s me!  Hopefully, I’ll get in some good eats somewhere in the Gaslamp.  *crosses fingers* Anyways, let’s go back a couple of months to Vegas, shall we?

. . . → Read More

Vegas, baby… Honey Pig off the Strip

Last October, Husband and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We stayed at the Hilton Waikoloa where we promptly got suckered into buying a timeshare with their Grand Vacations Club.  Fast forward a few months later, we get a call inviting us to stay at the Las Vegas HGVC on the Strip for a whopping $99 (plus tax & fees) for 3 nights.  $99 (plus a few hours listening to some guy try to sell us on an upgrade) for 3 whole nights?  Um, okay, sure! We decided to take advantage of this deal during my birthday since it was a major one…the BIG 3-0.

Here piggy piggy piggy…

One of my friends moved there a little over a year ago so we met up with him Friday . . . → Read More

Boa – Las Vegas

In the Forum Shops (Caesar’s Place) is a well-known steakhouse, BOA.

Saturday night, we and 3 other couples gathered there for a birthday dinner. We had 8:30 reservations and due to the Mayweather-Hatton fight, it was not as busy as I thought it would be.

After we get seated, our waiter comes by with our menus. This waiter, by far, was one of the best I have ever encountered. He knew his wines, had good recommendations, was attentive, polite and just all around fabulous. We start off with a couple of bottles of red wine based on his recommendations for our price range and some appetizers.

Our waiter arranged for us to get a free order of truffle nachos which were potato chips with melted gruyere cheese, diced tomatoes and since I didn’t see truffles, I’m guessing truffle oil was involved. It was mediocre as the chips were . . . → Read More

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