Back from the void

Did you miss me?

Life has been rather busy. Being a working mother really sucks up most of my free time.  What I do have left, I put towards trying to relax. That means napping, most of the time. Sleep has become a precious commodity to say the least. As Husband would say (or draw, as seen below) “Babies ruin everything.”  Okay, he’s, of course, joking. Well, 96% joking…  95%?

Anyways, I’ve been musing over what to do with this blog. I haven’t had a lot of time to post and daycare expenses have really put a damper on my “eating out” budget.  Since I don’t eat out as much, restaurant review posts are limited and I’m not a recipe guru by any means. And there’s so much more that I want to write about and share that I don’t want to make this a strictly food blog anymore. Trying to do so was also causing me to over-edit my posts to the point that my voice was lost. And trust me, I have a voice.

So I’m not going to write about only food anymore.  I’ll try to incorporate food into my posts but expect stories of Husband’s antics, lots of cat-related stuff and, of course, Nolan tales. And a few rants. After all, I am the “Catty” Critic….



Foodie Funny #3: Pumpkin Love

I adore October. I got engaged on Halloween, my favorite holiday.  I also got married in this month.  When I think of October, I think Fall… Leaves changing color, the weather getting colder, the food getting heartier and more comforting. Also, pumpkins. Lots and lots of pumpkins. Tis the season to eat this awesome squash!

To carve or to eat, that is the question...


Foodie Funny #1: Can We Eat Now?

In an effort to get Husband a bit more involved in this blog (it was his idea for me to start it) and to encourage/support his drawing hobby, I asked him to do little comics.  He’s not at all a food guy; he’s perfectly content eating KFC mashed potatoes and canned green beans so being married to a food enthusiast has its moments like the one below…(click on pic for bigger version)

Can we eat now?

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